Theory and Practice of the Political Games


Fedorchenko S. To the Ķistory of  Development of Political Technologies in Russia. ¹4. P.6

Kurginyan S. Reset with the Sign Reversed. ¹3. P.6


Kurginyan Sergey. Language of the Elite Responsibility. ¹1. P.6

Kurginyan Sergey. The Strategy of Containment and the Global Conflict. Analysis of Political Discourse. ¹2. P.6

Kurginyan Sergey. By Iron and Blood. The Conflict in Time and Space. ¹3. P.6


Byaly Yu.V. Economic Front: a Brief Excursus. ¹1. P.6

Byaly Yu.V. The Global Economy and the World Crisis: USA, Europe, Russia. ¹2. P.6

Kurginyan S.E. Miracle of Survival and New Threats. ¹5. P.6

Kurginyan S.E. Self-preservation. Challenge of the Time. ¹6. P.6

Myalo K.G. Off the Main Street. ¹4. P.6


Byaly Yu.V. New Geo-economic Trends and Their Reflections in the Global and Regional Politics. ¹4. P.6

Kurginyan S.E. Barricades: Logic of Radicalization. How did that Commence. ¹1. P.6

Kurginyan S.E. The People’s Will and the Meeting Democracy. ¹2. P.6

Kurginyan S.E. The Dark Flame. ¹5. P.6


Kurginyan Sergey. Communism: a Glance from Russia and the USA. Interview Given to Tim Kirby. ¹1. P.6

Kurginyan Sergey. Crisis is Inevitable: Information War and Displacement of Elite. ¹2. P.6

Kurginyan Sergey. Madness of Asphixy: Depleted Resources. ¹3. P.6

Kurginyan Sergey. Concentration of Impudence: Criminal Capitalism and the Russian Academy of Science Reform. ¹5. P.6

Kurginyan Sergey. At the Very Brink of Disater: Answer to Challenge. ¹6. P.6


Kurginyan Sergey. The Turbulent Time. ¹1. P.6

Kurginyan Sergey. The Counter-elite. ¹2. P.6

Kurginyan Sergey. Models of Global Hegemony and Their Impact on the World Organization. ¹3. P.6

Kurginyan Sergey. The Energy of Self-Destruction. ¹4. P.6

Kurginyan Sergey. Who will Fix the Situation? On the Eve of the Civilizational Disaster. ¹5. P.6

Kurginyan Sergey. Overcoming Chaos: the Atomized Society and Politics. ¹6. P.6


Kurginyan Sergey. Essence of Time. ¹1. P.6

Kurginyan Sergey. Topical Transformations: on Events in North Africa and Middle East. ¹2. P.6, ¹3. P.6

Kurginyan Sergey. On Development beyond the Modern’s Limits: for What Do We Need It? ¹4. P.6

Kurginyan Sergey. Beyond the Capitalism. ¹5. P.6

Kurginyan Sergey. Inseparability of Metaphysics. ¹6. P.6




Kurginyan Sergey. Theory of Development. (Existential and Metaphysical Blind-alleys). ¹1

Kurginyan Sergey. The Lack of an Entity’s Properties Syndrome. (On the Imminent Catastrophe). ¹2

Kurginyan Sergey. Zealots of the White Truth: on Political Price. for Repentance. ¹3

Kurginyan Sergey. Names and Reality: a Feedback. ¹4

Kurginyan Sergey. Not Transgress the Edge: Russia and Strategy of Russia's Security. ¹5

Kurginyan Sergey. Destiny of Development in the Present-day Russia. ¹6


Kurginyan Sergey. The Bubble. ¹1

Kurginyan Sergey. Medvedev and Development. ¹2

Kurginyan Sergey. At the Crossroad. Is Development Possible in Russia? ¹3

Kurginyan Sergey. The Russian Elite and Challenges of the Time. ¹4

Kurginyan Sergey. The Caucasian Crisis and our Future. ¹5

Kurginyan Sergey. Post-modern Modernization: Contemporary Policy Vectors. ¹6


Bardakhchiev Yury. Role of Historical Trauma in the Strategic Dialogue. ¹5

Byaly Yury. Values as a Psychological Factor of Strategic Decision-making. ¹5

Kurginyan Sergey. The Children of a Non-commissioned Officer's Widow. ¹1

Kurginyan Sergey, Bardakhchiev Yury, Byaly Yury. The Threat of Nuclear War. Pacifist Myths
and Dangerous Reality. ¹2

Kurginyan Sergey. Organizational Weapon-2. Dialectics of the Natural and the Artificial
in Forthcoming «Final Destruction» of Russia. ¹3

Kurginyan Sergey. Dead-lock of Pragmatism: on the Genuine Cause which Generates New and New Failures
in Russian Domestic and Foreign Policy. ¹4

Kurginyan Sergey. Whereto did the Rabbit Run? Some Thoughts about Psychological Sources
of Lack of Strategy in the Contemporary World. ¹5

Kurginyan Sergey. Teeterboard: A New Swing in Secret Services’ War and its Impact
on Political Process’ Progress. ¹6


Kurginyan S. Vigilance. ¹1. P.4

Kurginyan S. Cartoons: a New Twist of the Islamic Topic and its Significance for the Contemporary Politics. ¹2. P.4

Kurginyan S. Does Pressure on Russia Increase? ¹3. P.4

Kurginyan S. The Prosecutor General’s Resignation: a «Technical Solution» or the Outset of Major Political Transformations? ¹4. P.4, ¹5. P.4

Kurginyan S. Playing with the Fire. The Systemic Analysis of Events that Occurred in the World and in Russia Since Mid-October, 2006. ¹6. P.4


Byaliy Yu., Kurginyan S. Ukraine: A Challenge and a Lesson for Russia. ¹1

Kurginyan S. Bratislava Summit: Insignificant Ephemeral Episode or the Key Event? ¹2.

Kurginyan S. The Point of Assembling. ¹3.

Kurginyan S. «ŃhiK» and «TsyK» or What is the Real Content of the Intensifying Power Collision. ¹4.

Kurginyan S. Bombing in London: What are They? How Will They Influence Us and the World? ¹5.

Kurginyan S. The autumn marathon. ¹6.

Byaliy Yu. Economics of inflation and of raw materials export stagflation. ¹6.


Byaliy Yu., Kurginyan S. A New World Order or a New World Disorder? ¹3.

Gaman-Golutvina O. Regional Elites of Russia: Composition and Trends of Development. ¹2.

Kurginyan S. Does the Power Confront a Prospect of February? ¹1.

Kurginyan S. Threats to Putin. ¹2.

Kurginyan S. The Ingush Explosion. ¹4.

Kurginyan S. The Warning that wasn't Heard: from Nazran to Beslan and Further Calling at Every Stop. ¹5.

Kurginyian S. A Liquidation Committee? Russia is Expecting Other Bad News. ¹6.


Kurguinjan Sergey. Year and Godo. ¹1. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergey. The Garden of Ramifying Tracks. ¹2. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergey. The Kremlin Minimalists. ¹5. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergey. «D» time. ¹6. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergey. The Arrest of Khodorkovski Is Something Directly Opposite to What Is Declared To Be. ¹6. P.43


Kalinin Alexander. The Apology of Political Technologies. ¹1. P.26

Kontorer Dov. Humanism and Post-modernist Degeneration of Politics. ¹2. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergej. The Struggle on Two Fronts. The Conceptual and Analitical Memorandum. ¹3. P.4

Kurguinyan Sergej, Byalij Yuri, Podkopaeva Maria. Central Asia. Politically Correct Doctrines
and Real Trends in Macro-regional and Global Processes
. ¹5. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergej. «Flowers of Evil». ¹6. Š.4

Neklessa Alexander. Intellect, Elite and Government .¹1. P.4

Neklessa Alexander. September 11 Phenomenon and the Movement towards. a Nonstationary System
of the World Ties
. ¹4. P.4


Byalij Yuri, Kurguinjan Sergej. Devalution of Dollar: a Myth or a Reality? ¹4. P.4

Gaman-Golutvina Oksana. Interests Groups: the Russian Historical Retrospective. ¹6. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergej. Archaisation and Progress. ¹1. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergej. NTV et Al. ¹2. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergej. In the Teeth of Necessity. ¹3.P.4

Kurguinjan Sergej. The Terrorists Attacks on the USA. The Systemic Analysis of Events
and their Consequences
. ¹5. P.4


Kurguinjan Sergej. The Dinamometer. ¹2. Š.4

Kurguinjan Sergej. Pushkin Square. ¹3. Š.4

Kurguinjan Sergej. The Escape from Goals. ¹4. Š.4

Kurguinjan Sergej. Putin. A Year at the Helm. ¹5. Š.4

Kurguinjan Sergej. «The Striped Raid» or on What is Going on with the Power in Russia. ¹6. P.4.


Bjaly Jurij, Kurguinjan Sergej. Anatomy of Insanity: on Origins of Jugoslavian Crisis and Its Impact
on the World and Russian Politics
. ¹ 1. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergej. The Black  Hole of Russian Politics. ¹  2. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergej. The Second Attempt. ¹ 4. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergej. The Escape from Goals. ¹ 5. P.4


Degoev Vladimir. Imam Schamil’ and Technology of the Power. ¹ 5—6. P.4; ¹ 7—8. P.4; ¹ 9—10. P.21

Kurguinjan Sergej. The Agents and Politics. ¹ 1—2. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergej. Meditation in the Darkness. On the Occasion of the Murder of Galina Starovoitova. ¹ 9—10. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergej, Maria Mamikonjan, Maria Podkopaeva. The Fouth Rome or the Second Horde? ¹ 3—4. Š.4

Novikov Vladimir. A Plot or Objective Regulanties? (S.V.Zoubatov and «Police Socialism»). ¹ 11—12. P.56


Bjaly Jurij. The Star or the Death of the Russian Intelligensia. ¹ 5—6. P.4, ¹ 7—8. P.4

Kalinin Alexander. Sociology as the Art of the Substitution of the Notion. ¹ 3—4. P.55

Kurguinjan Sergej. Mobius band. ¹ 1—2. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergej, Bjaly Jurij, Bardakchiev Jurij. Fight with the Chost. ¹ 3—4. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergej. Our Reality and Their Means. ¹ 9—10. P.4

Kurguinjan Sergej. Performance with the Resignation. Actual Nature of the Dialoge between Power
and Opposition ¹ 11—12. P.4


Kalinin Alexander. Voting as an Act of Despair. ¹  7-8, p. 35

Kurguinjan Sergei. Reshuffle. ¹  7-8, p. 5

Kurguinjan Sergei. Russia in the situation of new political excitements. ¹  9-10, p. 4

Kurguinjan Sergej, Bjaly Jurij, Podkopaeva Maria. "The South Threat" and its Relation with the Aggravation of the Political Crisis in Russia. ¹  11-12, p. 4

Kurguinjan Sergej, Mamikonjan Maria, Podkopaeva Maria. The cycle of the Chechen aggravation. ¹  3-4, p. 4

Kurguinjan Sergej. The nature and appearance. ¹  1-2, p. 5

Kurguinjan Sergej. The word is the deed. ¹  5-6, p. 4

Lasarev Alexander. The Financial and the economic problems of the transitional period. ¹  5-6, p. 16